RE Day work

What do religions say to us when life gets hard?

(This unit looks at religious beliefs associated with death, you may want to talk to your parents when completing the work, as you may have questions you would like to ask and discuss)

Activity 1 

Watch the  youtube video above of the story Badger's Parting Gifts. When Badger dies, his friends are very sad, but one by one, they recall the special things he gave them during his lifetime. By sharing these fond memories, they realise that although he is no longer with them physically, he will always be in their hearts. 


Different religions believe different things about what happens when someone dies, during this unit we will be looking at a number of religions to find out what they believe. 


Before you move onto the next activity, write down any questions you have.

Activity 2

Watch the following video clip explaining the Hindu belief of birth, death and re-birth. Draw 2 cycles (like the ones in the video) depitcting reincarnation when there is good Karma and when there is bad Karma.

Activity 3

Christians and Muslims believe that God judges us according to the decisions we have made within our life. Each of the religions believes something different about how God will judge us. Research Christian and Muslim beliefs and create an information poster describing the Christian and Muslim beliefs about death.


Activity 4

Christians believe that when we die we go to heaven. What do you think heaven looks like? Draw an image of what comes to mind when you hear the word heaven.

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