The big question for the day is 'Who is Jewish and what do they believe?' 


Precious objects

Start by finding something that you consider precious and explaining why to a grown up or writing it down. Then have a look at some objects that are important to Jewish people. 

The mezuzah, seen in one of the pictures, really important - inside it is a scroll with The Shema on, one of the most important prayers in Judaism. The mezuzah is put on the doorpost of the house so the message inside can be remembered every time someone enters. What important message would you create for anyone who comes into our classroom? Create your own scroll with something you should be remembered every time. 


Shabbat is a holy day where Jewish people rest and pray, doing no work and spending time together. It starts on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening. Below you can watch a video of how a Jewish family welcome Shabbat on a Friday. 

On Saturday, they go to the synagogue. It's really important that they do no work on Shabbat and instead take time to pray and rest. Draw what you do to rest - if you want, you can also write a prayer of thanks for the resting day. 


Below is a link to the story of Chanukah, a Jewish holiday. Please be aware that this video is on YouTube and may have adverts. 

Retell the story, either by drawing it or by writing about it.


At Chanukah, families play games, eat special food and light a candle that reminds them of the 8 days of Chanukah. Draw a picture of what you think might be really important at Chanukah. 

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