Our question is 'What kind of a king is Jesus?'


Read the Lord's Prayer and think about what each line means.  Rewrite the prayer in a more simple way so that it would be easier for younger children to understand.  You can illustrate your prayer to add to our book.

Read the parable of 'The Feast'.  What do you think it means?  Discuss with someone at home and think about the following:

Is the feast Heaven?

Is the man giving the feast similar to God?

Why do the rich people make excuses?

Was Jesus teaching that eveyone is welcome if they want to be part of his Kingdom?

Draw a cartoon strip of the parable and think about what this tells us.  

If Christians believe that Jesus is a king then what would his kingdom be like?

Draw a picture or write a poem or description of what the perfect world would be like.  Imagine if you were queen or king of the world.  What would it be like?

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