New situations

We all find ourselves in new situations sometimes and this can lead to lots of different emotions. Think about some new situations that you could find yourself in e.g. new club, staying at a friend's house for the first time etc. What kind of feelings do you think you might have? 


Draw a picture of yourself in that new situation and write down the emotions you might have around the edge. It's OK if you have both positive and negative words. 


What do you think would be helpful if you saw somebody in a new situation? Pick one of the ones that you thought of at the start and come up with a list of actions that would be helpful for that person and a list of things that would be unhelpful. 


Do you think all of those things on the helpful list would be useful all the time? See if you can think of three important things that would be useful whenever you see somebody in a new situation e.g. be kind.

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