Task 1

Think about the different people who help you - list these on a piece of paper ( teacher, swimming instructor, parent, older sibling, doctor, hairdresser)
For each job write down how they help you:

  •    For example     -     My swimming instructor helps me to develop me swimming strokes and teaches me new techiques to enable me to swim more efficiently.


Look at the list of jobs you created in the task above. Choose 2 of the jobs and write down all the skills that would be useful when doing those jobs. e.g. speaking and listening, being calm, making decisions, enjoying working outside, being confident in front of a group.


Task 2

Look back at the skills you listed in the previous activity.

Complete the following sentence:

  •    A skill I already have is....
  •    A skill I would like to develop is...


Have a look at the My Ideal Job document below. Go through each statement and colour code each

statement - green for very important to me, orange for quite/maybe important and red for not important at all.


Have a look now at the You Choose entitled Is there a job you’d like to do?  Is there a job you would like to do? Do it match the statements that are important to you on the My Ideal Job sheet?

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