Diversity and communities


Week beginning 17th January 2022

WALT – describe aspects of my identity


Children to write their name on a sheet of paper and then to say something about why they have that name, whether it is shortened, whether it has a history in their family or reflects their family’s lives in some way. (Children may say something about any part of their name – first, middle or family name.) This might be extended into a piece of written work where children find out what their name means and write an explanation of how they got their name. Discuss that our name is often the first thing people know about us. A name can say a great deal about a person’s identity.


 Children to draw a Mind Map about their identity using the following headings to help organise ideas:

  • Who is in my family
  • My interests
  • My roles (in and out of school)
  • Favourites
  • Important life events
  • Future hopes





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