Please find PHSE activities and resources for you to work through with your child throughout this lockdown. 

This unit called 'Good to be me' will help develop children’s understanding of their own emotions and those of others. They will identify a basic range of emotions, developing a language to describe them, and consider what prompts different feelings in themselves and others. They will explore how those emotions affect how we think, feel and behave, including impulsive and considered behaviours. In order to enable them to develop positive self-esteem, they will identify what is special about themselves, including their skills as well as their character.

They will consider ways to deal with different emotions, including being assertive, and using strategies to calm down and relax. They will revisit their personal networks, identifying those they can talk to about their feelings.


All the activities and resources are available to you so that you can choose where to start and can omit any activities you feel won't be of benefit. 

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