This week is focused on time and children will begin to tell time to the o'clock. Please start each lesson with the 5 a day activity before moving on to the main task. Some days may have multiple worksheets to choose from - pick the one that you and your child are comfortable with, but feel free to swap between them as much as necessary! There are some extra challenges, problems and logic games in 'Optional Extras' on the home-learning page, if you want to keep going!



To start thinking about time, today I would like you to sequence events in your day. You should have at least six different activities in your sequence - think about brushing your teeth, eating lunch, going to bed. What order do you do those in? You might want to keep it with you and add to it throughout the day! Which activities do you do every day? Keep hold of this, as you may need it later in the week! 


Extension challenge: start adding o'clock times to your list of events from yesterday. 





Fridays will be different as we'll be focusing on arithmetic and key skills. This week, we'll be revising number bonds to 10. After 5 a day, there are two worksheets to have a look at. The first is using tens frames to make 10 and the second is to get quicker at recalling those number bonds (although number lines and fingers can be used!). If you have completed both easily, start thinking about different ways of making 10 - this time using subtraction. 

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