5-A-DAY Do one task each day

Angle introduction

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Maths 1

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Watch the video or read through the presentation then choose your challenge level.

Maths 2

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Day 2 maths answers

missing angles in triangles

a) 67°

b) 72°

c) 39°

d) 59°

e) 121°

f) 39°

g) 27°

h) 39°

i) 63°

Tangram answers

Maths 3

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Today is our weekly focus on word problems using all four written methods.  If you need a reminder of how those written methods look please see the basic recap video below.  

written methods Y5

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Maths 5

Today we will work on mental and written maths.  Complete test four from the arithmetic pack and mark your work.  Remember to use a written method if you need to and think about how we move digits using our place value grids when multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000.  Finally choose your 99 club and see if you can complete in five minutes.  

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