Using the splat square, find one more and one less than different numbers. Then work up to two more/less and three more/less before having a go at the worksheet.


Practise counting to 50 and back, using the splat square to help if needed. Then fill in the missing numbers. 


Using the splat square, play the "I'm thinking of a number..." game. Encourage your child to ask questions like "is it more than..." "is it in between... and ..." to practise number value. Take it in turns to ask and answer questions. 


Answer the following questions orally, using the splat square to prove each one. 

  • Jack has 25 pens, Sarah has 14. Who has more?
  • What numbers are between 29 and 33? 
  • If I count up from 20, will I say 10? Why/why not? 
  • Jane has 35 stickers, Will has 45. Who has fewer? 
  • Can you say a number that is more than 15 but less than 30? 



Use objects to make 1 group of 10. How many altogether? Repeat for 2, 3 and 4 groups of 10. How many altogether?

Can you spot a pattern in what the numbers look like? What other numbers on the splat square do you think might be in the counting in 10s? 



Practise ways of making 10 - use a number line or counting on fingers to find as many ways of making 10 as possible. 

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