Please log into MyMaths using the username and password you have been given. Once you have logged in you will see 10 tasks. There is one task to do each day for the next two weeks. On Monday, you should complete task 1 - Money Calculations. When you click on the task, you will see a lesson and a homework task. It is important to go through the lesson in full and complete any interactive questions before attempting the homework. For each task, I have attached a challenge or supportive material in the tabs below. Please do not worry if you find some of the tasks tricky, just try your best. 


Task 2 and Task 5 are slightly different as you do not have to complete a lesson or homework section. You need to follow the instructions that I have given and write your work either in your green exercise book or a piece of paper. Once you have finished, ask an adult to check this work and press the completed button. I will then receive a notification saying that you have completed this work. If you have any other questions about this, please send me an email. 

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