Before each lesson, please have a go at your 3s, 4s and 8s. You could play Hit The Button or a similar game to help you. 


This week we're looking at column subtraction. You may want to use some online dienes to help you - there's a link below! 


Today you'll be doing some reasoning problems based on column subtraction, but if you feel you want more practise at normal questions then please do so - either tackle another of the worksheets, or roll some dice to give yourself some questions. 


If you feel you need more practise, have another go at the worksheets from yesterday or use some dice to come up with your own subtractions problems. Otherwise, have a go at the word problems from today - remember to work out what the question is asking you to do and what you need to solve. 


Today we'll be working on some general reasoning questions. Have a go at the questions and see which ones you find a bit trickier! 

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