This week we'll be continuing to work on time for a couple of days before moving on to look at shape and right angles. 


Once you've been through the presentation, make a schedule of your day using both analogue and digital times - think about the important parts of the day, such as when you wake up, what time school starts, what time you usually get home. It's OK if the times aren't completely right or if you need do work in quarter hours instead of 5 minutes! 


As a challenge, try to work out the duration of some things on your schedule e.g. how long do you have between waking up and leaving for school? 


If you're struggling to go between analogue and digital, there are some "digital petals" below that you could put around the outside of an analogue clock - or you could make your own first! 


Before you go through the presentation, have a go at the game below - you can choose which level you work at and the speed, but see if you can beat your own score! 



When you've completed the presentation, have a go with the angle finder at finding different right angles in the environment around you. Make a list of all the different right angles you can find! 


Today we'll be working on our fluency - once you've completed the activities below, choose any of the games and develop your skills further. 

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