There is no lesson on Monday as it is an RE Day. For the rest of the days, please choose your challenge of worksheet after going through the presentation. 


Today we are going to be reviewing addition and subtraction to 20 and developing our fluency and reasoning before moving on through the week. Try to explain your answers as carefully as you can when asked to and solve the calculations quickly and accurately. 


Today we are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction but are really focusing on the strategies we use and being aware of how we solving these questions. 


Today we are moving forward with the strategies we've looked at earlier in the week and are beginning to look at a single digit and a 3 digit number. The focus is still on thinking about strategies used and making sure that understanding is secure. Please watch the video from Oak Academy below before having a go at the worksheet. You don't need to complete the quizzes and worksheets on Oak Academy unless you would like to. 


If you are feeling unsure, stop the video after the strategies for a single digit and a 2 digit number and start the worksheet. 


On Friday in school, we won't be learning anything new - instead, we will be working on our speed and fluency before reviewing place value knowledge and then solving some reasoning problems. Afterwards there are some challenge cards to have a go at. 


Before you choose a worksheet, have a go at 'Hit The Button' - you can choose which Number Bonds level you want to have a go at, but try and choose one you need to work on.

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