To start your maths learning each day, work your way through one of the 'Fluent in Five' pages. These will help you practise your mental and written calculation skills. On Friday, complete the short arithmetic test to consolidate your learning for the week. 


Fluent in 5 (5-a-day) Starter

Then, access the presentation slides or video which explain the learning we would be doing in class. Once you have spent some time on the learning, move to the Activity sheet(s). The answers are on the final page for you to see how you are getting on when you have completed the tasks.


Monday - Introduction to Shape

This week in Maths, we are learning all about Shape. Watch the video to introduce our new unit and use the Starter Activity Sheet to practise. Then, answer the questions from the Worksheets. There is also a song for Monday's session and a BBC Bitesize introduction for Tuesday's session, which you might find helpful!

Symmetry - Lesson 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Symmetry Song for Kids

Tuesday - Introduction to Angles

Watch the video below and stop it at 6:30. Then, complete the worksheet for today's session. The answers are included at the back for you to check how you are getting on!

Angles - Lesson 2, 3, 4.mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday - Compare and classify triangles based on angles

Watch yesterday's video from 6:30 until the end. You might want to rewatch the video from the beginning to refresh your mind. Today, we are carrying on with our learning from yesterday and focusing on comparing and classifying triangles based on properties including types of angles. Once you have finished the video, please complete the worksheet - the answers are at the back for you to check how you are getting on!


Then, I would like you to focus on some times table revision, please use TTRS for the rest of the session or, you can use the Supermovers videos, just like we do in school, to practise your times tables (focus mainly on 6, 7, 8, 9).

Thursday - Compare and classify quadrilaterals including angles

Today, we are carrying on with our Shape work. Use the PowerPoint (or PDF version!) to help with your learning, then move onto the two worksheets. The answers are attached for you to check how you are getting on :)

Friday - Arithmetic test, 99 Club and TTRS

Today, please complete the Arithmetic test for this week and then mark your answers using the answer sheet at the back! Once complete, please do your 99 Club for the week and don't forget to record your score. Then, move onto any of the optional Maths extras on the Class Page (e.g. TTRS, MyMaths, Topmarks).

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