This week we'll be looking at multiplication through repeated addition and arrays. Please keep practising your counting in 5s, along with 2s and 10s, throughout the week. Friday will be focusing on key skills along with the arithmetic test as usual. 


Start by practising your 2s, 5s or 10s - you can do this on a number line or by watching one of the videos above. Please be aware that the videos are hosted on YouTube and so there may be adverts. 


If you are unable to access the video for the lesson, the presentation is below along with a choice of three worksheets and an extension if you'd like to try something more. 

Repeated Addition

Still image for this video


After completing your 5 a day, please start by using the interactive 100 square (link below) to colour in multiples of 2, 5 and then 10. What do you notice about what the numbers for counting in 2s end in? What about counting in 5s and 10s? Once you have done this, there is a short presentation before you move on to the work. 


For the worksheets, you will need a number line to count out jumps. I have added a link to a 100 square below, or you can use the interactive one used in the previous activity. If the word problems are too tricky, turn them into "groups of" questions like the first section instead!


Please start by practising counting in 2s, 5s or 10s using a number line or the videos above.


Today we'll be starting to look at arrays - in the classroom, we would start by using physical resources to make these, so if you are able to do so (with coins, counters, pens or scraps of paper) then please do so or draw one to help solve the questions. There is also a link to the website we used to make tens and ones where you can arrange cubes as needed to demonstrate an array.  


If you are struggling with answering the questions, don't worry - please spend today working on the 'Practising Arrays' sheet  and complete Wednesday's worksheet tomorrow instead of the problem solving questions. 


If you are unable to access the lesson video, there is a presentation below. 


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As with previous days, please practise your 2s, 5s or 10s before completing 5 a day and the lesson. As with Wednesday, you may want to use something to make arrays to help you solve these problems e.g. coins, counters, scraps of paper. 


After practising counting in 5s and completing your 5 a day, have a go at the arithmetic test - try to be as accurate and as quick as you can! Once you've finished, you can have a go at some of the games below. 

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