To start your maths learning each day, try one of the 'Fluent in Five' pages. These will help you practise your mental and written calculation skills. On Friday (or at another time during the week, if you'd prefer), do the short arithmetic test that I have posted to practise these skills further!
Then, access the presentation slides or video which explain the learning we would be doing in class. Once you have spent some time on the learning, move to the PDFs where you can choose your level of challenge. The answers are on the final pages for you to see how you are getting on when you have completed the tasks.


Today in Maths, you will be building on your work from last week on bar charts. You will be looking at how to collect and represent data in pictograms. 


Work through the lesson presentation and then apply your learning and choose your challenge from 'Zoo pictogram' Sheets 1 to 3.


Today, watch Ms Brown's video where we will practise analogue and digital times further. Then, apply your learning on either 'Matching Time' Sheet 1 or 2 (hard or harder).


For an extra challenge and to extend your learning further, there are also problem-solving and reasoning questions dealing with time below!


Today and tomorrow in Maths, you will be starting to calculate time intervals in hours and minutes.


Start by watching Ms Brown's video. Remember that you can return to this and re-watch it at any time over the next few days, if you need to. Below there is also a link to an interactive analogue clock face that you might like to use to practise finding time intervals (scroll down and click on 'Play Game' on the blue background).


Then, choose your challenge to apply your learning from 'Time' Sheets 1 or 2. On both sheets, you should put the hands on the blank clocks to show the new times and also record it digitally beside each clock face. 


Today's learning builds on your work yesterday. Re-watch Ms Brown's video if you would like and then work through today's lesson presentation. Then, choose your challenge from 'Time intervals' Sheets 1 to 3.

**Today's tasks and answers are on the same document as yesterday's**


There are also problem-solving and reasoning questions below for you to extend your learning further!


Today we will work on mental and written maths.  Complete the short arithmetic test that I have posted to practise your skills! Remember to use a written method if you need to. Mark your answers when you have finished to see how you did.


Also, choose your 99Club level and see if you can complete it in the given time. You can find the different 99Club levels, and the answers, under 'Maths Extras'. Remember to mark your work... if you didn't get an answer correct this week, practise over the course of next week and see if you can improve your score next Friday. Once you have completed a level with all the correct answers in the given time 3 times, move onto the next level!

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