Addition and Subtraction

This week the focus will be on addition and subtraction. Monday and Tuesday will be looking at making fact families of four number sentences and using this to solve problems. Wednesday and Thursday is a mix of addition and subtraction word problems, starting by investigating key vocabulary and moving on to missing number problems. On Friday there's the arithmetic test as well as some other games for developing key skills.  


Before you begin the session, please have a go at counting in 5s. There is a link to Jack Hartmann's YouTube video below (please be aware this video may have adverts) or you can use a counting in 5s number line from the resources section on the class page.


Once you have done that and the 5 a day, we'll be looking at fact families and how we can make them from one addition number sentence. If you are unable to access the video, there is a presentation below as well. There are three worksheets to choose from as usual. 

Fact Families

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Extension: Roll two dice (or pick two random numbers) and use these to start making your own fact family. You can either choose the third number yourself, or work it out by finding the difference between the numbers you rolled. 


E.g. I rolled 3 and 5. I could make the starting number sentence 3+5=8 or I could use 3+2=5. It's up to you! 


Before you complete 5 a day and today's lesson, please practise counting in 5s. For the lesson itself, there is a presentation as well in case you are unable to access the video.

Fact Families - Problem Solving

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Extension: Have a go on Hit the Button - either Number Bonds or Doubles - and play a few games on there. Try and go as quick as you can while still being accurate!


As with previous days, please practise counting in 5s before completing the 5 a day and lesson. 


As with previous days, please practise counting in 5s before completing the 5 a day and lesson. 


After practising counting in 5s and completing your 5 a day, have a go at the arithmetic test - try to be as accurate and as quick as you can! Once you've finished, you can have a go at some of the games below. 

Once you have finished, choose from one of the games below to work on your speed and accuracy further. 
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