Home Learning Photographs

Isabella's been working hard this week!

Filip's fantastic work from this week!

Lacie's brilliant Egyptian traditional tale!

What an inventive Egyptian traditional tale that Jack has written!

Coen's awesome Egyptian traditional tale!

Sophie's canopic jar, mummified tomato and Egyptian traditional tale!

Freddie's incredible pyramid cake - how inventive!

Edward's been busy going on bike rides, looking at local habitats and planing his Egyptian traditional tale!

Ayse's brilliant idea to help protect the local habitat and her creative Egyptian traditional tale!

Isabella has been planning her Egyptian traditional tale, making cookies and designing and sewing her own dress!

Joseph's amazing Egyptian traditional tale - can you guess which traditional tale it was inspired by?

Jack managed to catch the ball 32 times in a row for today's 'Active May Challenge' - what an impressive score!

Alfie's amazing canopic jar!

Anant has been busy with all of his home learning this week and has even had time to cut the grass!

Filip has been doing some terrific work this week and has also enjoyed spending his free time riding his bike!

Jack's beautiful canopic jar AND his mummified apple - great work!

Hugo has been busy reading his Tom Gate's book and was inspired to write his own story!

Toby has been making his own modular structure, using his hydro fuel cell powered car and writing his Egyptian fair tale!

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