Home Learning Photographs

Morgan's brilliant cotton bud skeleton!

Lacie has completed some fantastic home learning this week - your persuasive letter is very convincing!

Sophie worked incredibly hard this week on her persuasive writing and art activities. She has even had time to create a wonderful project on Egyptian Gods!

Fillip has completed his home learning for the week and has even had time to bake some cakes with his brother! Fantastic work!

Ayse has been busy writing this week! She has decided not to live by the River Nile because of the crocodiles - I think that's a wise decision!

Morgan's terrific home learning from this week - your persuasive letter looks particularly impressive on the homemade papyrus paper!

Anant has been busy completing his home learning this week - your vertebrates sorting activity looks fantastic!

Edward has made a terrific skeleton of a salamander and has written his reading definitions in the style of a dictionary - brilliant work!

Isabella has been doing some wonderful work this week - her artwork is so incredibly detailed! Keep up the great work!

Toby has made his salmon skeleton out of sticky labels so he can add extra detail - what a fantastic idea!

Joseph has been busy making his papyrus paper and has even used it to write his wonderful persuasive letter on!

Alfie has written an incredible persuasive letter and drawn his name in hieroglyphics on the papyrus paper he made!

Toby has been inspired by George's Marvellous Medicine and has created a recipe for his own medicine!

Lacie making her papyrus paper ready to write her letters on!

Toby has been been busy learning about different vertebrates and the River NIle. He has even created his own three pyramids of Giza using folded paper.

Filip has had a fantastic start to the week! He has been doing his spellings, MyMaths and reading.

Joseph has made a great start on his River Nile work this week and has also created his own skeleton fish - great work!

Jack has worked very hard to create his fish skeleton!

Isabella has been busy researching the uses of the River Nile!

Aerith has drawn an intricate sketch of the River Nile and has labelled some of its many uses!

Coen's fantastic fish skeleton!

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