Grammar & Writing

Introduction to Monday's grammar lesson

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Watch the video introduction to the lesson and then complete one of the worksheet activities and one of the challenge activities. Remember, you do not need to print these out, you can just write the sentences into a notebook. Please ensure you answer in full sentences, just as we would in school.

Open the Writing Task 3 document and follow the instructions on the document. Suggested timetable for your 2 days on this writing task would be (these can all be found on the Writing Task 3 document):

  • Tuesday: writing warm up, work through powerpoint, plan non-chronological report
  • Wednesday: write the non-chronological report (double-page spread), reflect on learning.

Open up writing Task 4 and following the instructions on the document (the document will tell you when you need to open up the powerpoint). You have 2 days to complete all of Writing Task 4.

Suggested timetable for Writing Task 4:

  • Thursday - Writing warm up, task a and task b
  • Friday  - Task c and task d
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