Grammar & English

The remainder of the week

Over the next few days, you will plan and write a historical narrative based in the Victorian times, Your story could be about:

  • a child chimney sweep who escapes from their owner but ends up in the workhouse
  • a rich child who befriends the child chimney sweep who has come to work in the family's home
  • a child from a rich family who becomes poor and ends up having to work in order for the family to survive


Use all the historical knowledge you have gained over the past term to describe the settings and dilemmas in your story.



  • Use a good balance of speech and narrative to move the story on
  • Punctuate and present speech accurately
  • Use a broad range of punctuation including semi-colons and commas, dashes or brackets for parenthesis
  • Include relative clauses


Finally edit your work to ensure the above reminders are included in your story



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