Grammar and Writing

Wednesday 6th January 2021

This week, we are going to focus on creative writing! Below are five images linked to our new Polar Regions Theme. Choose one of the images as a stimulus for a piece of writing of your own choice. You might want to write a poem, narrative/story, diary entry, description, newspaper article or any other of your choice.


Be creative! What different language devices or techniques can you include? Can you use any similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases, adjectives, conjunctions, onomatopoeia or any other features in your work? 

Thursday 7th January 2021

Continue to work on your writing from yesterday. Think about how you might improve a certain paragraph, can you choose better vocabulary using an online thesaurus? Can you make it even more interesting with some exciting adjectives? If you have completely finished and are happy, please choose a different image and write another piece of creative writing. You might want to do something different this time (e.g. newspaper report, diary entry, blog post, description or narrative/story. Have fun with it and be creative!


Friday 8th January 2021

Today, as we would usually do in school, it is time to self-assess your pieces of writing (if you have produced a longer piece of writing and not written two pieces - that is absolutely fine! Remember, this means checking your work for; capital letters, full stops, correct use of punctuation (e.g. question marks, commas, exclamation marks), spellings, paragraphs. Make sure you have checked your work and edit in a different colour (e.g. purple pen or colouring pencil) like we do in school! Practise reading your creative writing out loud and share it with someone at home.

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