Grammar and Writing

Monday - Grammar video

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Today you will be planning your writing. You are going to use the story of Shackleton's journey from Monday's Theme session ('Ice Trap') to write your own story about your adventure to Antarctica. This will be fantasy as you are going to pretend you have travelled to Antarctica. This is an opportunity for you to be really creative and show off your brilliant writing skills. I want you to be as creative as you possibly can be, use ideas from the 'Ice Trap' video if you would like some inspiration. Use the 'Story Mountain' and 'Story Mapping' below to help you plan your writing. 


Think about:

  • the characters in your story (who will you travel with? why have you chosen these people? how many people will you travel with? how many dogs will you take with you? what are the character's personalities like?)
  • the introduction (this needs to really grab the reader's interest - make it really interesting, use lots of lovely adjectives and description to hook the reader!)
  • the setting (be really descriptive with the setting - describe what it is like, think about ideas from your descriptive writing a few weeks ago - five senses: see, hear, touch, taste, smell)
  • the problems you encounter (having no food, being extremely cold, getting stuck on the pack ice, having to abandon your ship, needing to be rescued - use the ideas from Shackleton's experiences and everything you have learned so far!)
  • the resolution (how are these problems solved? who might come to save you? how might you be rescued? how might you find food?)
  • the ending (make your ending bring the story to a closing point, will it be a happy ending? what will happen to the characters? will they all survive? how will they live on?)


Today you will focus on writing your introduction and your build up. Remember to write in paragraphs and use lots of different types of sentences to make your writing really interesting. Can you use some shorter simple sentences and some longer complex sentences to show this? Your story is inspired by Shackleton's journey and you might want to re-watch the 'Ice Trap' video from Monday's Theme lesson to help you with any ideas/sentence structure. 


Use your detailed plans from yesterday to help you to write your first two paragraphs (introduction and build-up). This is a chance for you to be really creative and have fun with your writing. I want to see what you can do and I am really interested in seeing all of your amazing, different ideas. There is no right or wrong way to write your ideas down - it is your story to tell about your trip to Antarctica! You are using Shackleton's experiences to create your own story. I can't wait to read your stories!

Thursday - Writing your Antarctica narrative

Today you will continue writing your narrative all about your journey to Antarctica and you will write your problem/climax, resolution and ending (final 3 paragraphs). You will use your plan from Tuesday's lesson and all of the ideas you have thought about from Monday and Tuesday's session to carry on with your creative writing about your own journey to Antarctica. This is inspired by Shackleton's journey and you might want to re-watch the video from Monday's Theme lesson to help you with any ideas/sentence structure. 


Make sure to include:

  • Expanded noun phrases (with lots of lovely adjectives!)
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Onomatopoeia 
  • Different sentence openers
  • Paragraphs
  • Direct speech 
  • Be creative! Make your writing you own and have fun with it :)


Friday - Editing your narrative writing

Today is time to finish off your story and edit your work. You need to make sure you have checked your spellings, punctuation and grammar within your writing, just as we do in class. Use your purple-pen (or a pencil), go through your work and see where you might need to make any corrections.

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