Grammar and Writing

Monday - Grammar video

Watch the Grammar video below about First, Second and Third person. This will hopefully help you with writing your biography this week. Then, move onto the Activity sheet - the answers are at the back for you to check how you are getting on!

First, Second and Third Person - Grammar.mp4

Still image for this video
Use the PowerPoint (or PDF version!) to help you with your learning for this week. Each day, look at the PowerPoint to make sure you are clear on what you are doing for the day. It tells you each day what you should be doing to help you build on your knowledge, and gives you the skills to write a biography using your research from Monday's Theme lesson. 

Wednesday - Planning your biography writing

Today you will be planning your Ernest Shackleton biography. You might want to do this on a piece of paper or start to type it out onto a word document. You should by now, have lots of information from your research on Monday. Make sure you use this and you might want to add to it today after you have finished planning!


1.Think about your introduction – who was Ernest Shackleton? Give a short, couple of sentences to introduce to the reader.

2. Think carefully about your sub-headings in chronological order (Early-life, Discovery, Expeditions, Death, Did You Know?) – some examples of what you might include

3. Think about any images and captions you will include – you might want to practise drawing these.


You can plan however best suits you. You might want to bullet point your ideas under each sub-heading. Once you have planned, then you can begin Writing (or typing out on word!) your Ernest Shackleton biography! :)

Thursday - Writing your biography

Today, you will be writing (or carrying on with writing) your biography all about Ernest Shackleton! Use the sheet below to remind yourself of the features and you might want to revisit the PowerPoint for this week. How many of the features can you include? Make sure you use your plan from yesterday and all of the interesting information you found from Monday's research in our Theme lesson!

Friday - Self-assess your biography

Now you should have finished writing your biography, it is time to self-assess your work. Remember to check for your capital letters, full stops, spellings and grammar.


How many of the features below have you included? If there are any you haven’t included, try and add them into your biography writing :)


  • Written in past tense
  • Written in chronological order (time order)
  • Uses a clear introduction
  • Uses images with captions
  • Uses sub-headings at the start of each paragraph
  • Uses third person pronouns (e.g. he, they, their, them, him)
  • Uses adverbials (e.g. accordingly, consequently, therefore, because)
  • Uses time conjunctions to link sentences (e.g. then, after that, firstly)
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