English - Writing and SPaG


This week we will be building on our understanding of proper nouns - have a look at the presentation and then choose your worksheet. There's a challenge for you to have a go at afterwards! 


On Tuesday, please have a look at the Informal Letter Presentation before looking for features in the example letters. Once you have completed that, start thinking and planning your own letter for Wednesday's task where you'll imagine you've been transported back to the Stone Age and will write a letter to Year Three telling them about it. As you're planning, think about the different parts of Stone Age life you learnt and researched about in the Theme lesson on Monday.

On Wednesday, you're going to be writing your own informal letter. Please make sure that you've completed Monday's Theme lesson, or at least had a look at the presentation, as this will help you with the task today. Using your research, think about what it would be like if you were transported back to the Stone Age and met Om and her family. You can have another listen to Stone Age Boy if you'd like (link below) or go back and have a look at Monday's presentation. 


If you wrote a letter to the rest of Year Three from the Stone Age, what would be the important things to talk about? Would you talk about what the houses are like or the food? Remember to include capital letters for proper nouns if you use any and to include the features of an informal letter (although you might need to be creative with the address - maybe you could write "In A Cave" instead). Edit your work when you have finished, making sure to check for mistakes and use the informal letter checklist to help you look for the features you need. 

On Thursday, have a go at your spellings and handwriting (below). 


On Friday, imagine that you are now back from the Stone Age. Create a postcard for Om explaining some of the changes that have happened - you could talk about the type of buildings we live in now, or the food that we eat. Remember to use the informal letter checklist to help you and to edit your work when you are done. You could draw a picture when you're finished to show Om what your local area looks like. 


Please ask a grown up to test you on your spellings and then start to learn the new ones. 


Continue with the handwriting sheet that you were on - remember to take your time and focus on the joins of the words. If you have completed them all, choose one to have another go at or try writing out your spellings in cursive.

Optional Extras

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