English- Writing and SPaG


Today, we will be finishing our newspapers and checking we have met the success criteria! It is also time to proofread and edit! If you would like to, you could write it up in your neatest handwriting in columns like a real newspaper or you could even type your final draft! 


In our English skills lesson today, we will be finding out all about the determiners a/an and how to know which one to choose! 


Did you know that fire was first discovered during the Stone Age? Have a look at the PowerPoint to find out more. This week, we are going to write our own descriptive poems about fire and we will start today by unpicking a poem. 

Today, we are also going to be practising our handwriting by copying this poem by Enid Blyton all about Bonfire Night! Try to keep all of your letters sat neatly on the line and keep your letters the same height! 


Today, we are going to start by creating a word bank of descriptive adjectives and phrases to use in our poems. We will also find out more about different types of figurative language including similes, metaphors and personification and then start to draft our fire poems. 


Today, we are also to write our final drafts of our descriptive fire poems. You might like to use some of the templates below to write your poem. Don't forget to use your neatest handwriting!

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