One you have finished your handwriting, start to come up with a character list for a play. We will be basing our work on the book 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner, but you can use any book that you have access to at home. Think about how you could describe your characters - you could even think about what costumes they would wear. You can see an example below!


Today we're going to be planning some dialogue for a play script. Think about the characters in the book you have already chosen - can you think of some things that they might say to each other? Using the comic strip below, plan out your dialogue between characters so you're ready to write a scene on Friday! 


Today you're going to be writing your first scene for a playscript - remind yourself of how a play should be laid out using the presentation below and the examples. Then have a go at turning your dialogue plan from Wednesday into a play script. Remember not to use inverted commas! 

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