Start today by having a go at your handwriting before moving on to the presentation and work. This week we're reminding ourselves about possessive apostrophes - go through the presentation then have a go at the worksheet before coming up with your own sentences!


We're starting to look at playscripts and their features today - look through the presentation before having a go at the worksheet where you'll be spotting different features! 


Before you start today's lesson, ask an adult to test you on your spellings for this week. Once you've done that, see how many features of a play script you can remember from yesterday. Have a go at creating your own checklist for things that need to be included. 


After coming up with your checklist, choose a book to start writing a play script about. At school we'll be looking at 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner, but you can choose any book that you enjoy. Think about how the stage would look in Scene 1 if a play was based on the book you have chosen. Draw a picture to show it! 


Things to think about: 

  • Are there any people on the stage? 
  • What does the background look like?
  • Are there any props on there? E.g. in Flotsam, a book about a beach, there might be a bucket and spade ready! 
  • What does the lighting look like? Is it brightly lit? Is there just one light on? 


Today you're going to be writing a setting description for your play! Remind yourself of all the things you thought about and drew yesterday before starting to have a go. Include all the different elements such as lighting and props. Try to make it as detailed as you can - remember, people will need to put on a play from this! 


Your setting description should be in present tense, not past tense. You should also make sure it's properly punctuated and that you use conjunctions (and, so, because etc). 


When you have finished, edit your work carefully. Are there any ways that you could make it better? 

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