This week we're reviewing inverted commas - remind yourself of the rules using the presentation and then choose your level of worksheet. Once you've done that, as a challenge, come up with your own speech between two characters from a book you like!


Start today by completing your handwriting. Once you've done that, watch the video of 'The Rhythm of The Rain'. What do you think the characters might have said to each other if they'd met? Have a go at filling in the comic strip below using speech bubbles to show some of their speech. 


Using your comic strip from yesterday, write the conversation between the characters from 'The Rhythm of The Rain'. Remember to think about the rules of using inverted commas - look at Monday's presentation again if you need to. Think about what they might be doing, how they might be standing and their expressions - include these in your writing as well. Try and use a subordinate clause in your writing too. 


Ask an adult to test you on your spellings before continuing with today's work. See if you can remember the water cycle - make a quick note of everything you can remember before looking at the presentation. As you go through the presentation, make notes of anything you might need to write a non-chronological report (page of information for a non-fiction text).  


Today you're going to be writing your non-chronological report on the water cycle - remember to include diagrams as well! If you need to use two pages, that's fine. There is a checklist of features you may need to include below as a reminder. Your work should use paragraphs and subordinate clauses. You could also add a glossary or a 'Did You Know?' box! 

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