Start today by completing the handwriting sheet. After you've finished that, have a look at the presentation. 


There's a video below of the book 'Rhythm of the Rain' - it is hosted on YouTube, so there may be adverts. Once you've watched the video, choose one of the settings and start coming up with some expanded noun phrases to describe it. If you need a reminder of expanded noun phrases, there is a link below to help you. 


Once you've finished, if you have time then have a go at 'Write Whatever Wednesday' - you can write about anything you like! It could be a story or instructions for your favourite activity. 


Ask an adult to test you on your spellings and then move on to the task. Today you're going to write your setting description for 'Rhythm of the Rain' - watch the video again or go back through the presentation from Tuesday if you need a reminder. Think carefully about the vocabulary you use and use the word mat to help you. 


If you need to finish your setting description, then take some time to complete it before moving on to editing. When editing it, make sure that you have used expanded noun phrases in your work and that your vocabulary has been up-levelled. You should also make sure that you've used subordinate clauses in your work. 

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