Using your detailed plan from yesterday, today you will be writing your diary entry! Use the PowerPoint from yesterday to remind yourself of the features. Your challenge is to try and include ALL of them in your diary! Remember the basics: capital letters, full stops, commas, spellings and using our best handwriting (cursive if we can!). Remember to think about the senses: what can you see in India? What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you taste? Make sure you write in past tense (what you did as it has already happened!). 


This week, we will be writing a diary entry about our imaginary visit to India! You might have even been yourself! Today, work through the PowerPoint and identify the features of a diary entry. Then, please complete your planning sheet - ready to write your diary tomorrow!


Think carefully about:

  • What can you see in India? (e.g. beautiful, magnificent Golden Temple)
  • What can you smell in India? (e.g. rich, spicy chillies)
  • What can you taste in India? (e.g. tasty, flavoured curry)
  • What can you hear in India? (e.g. sacred cows mooing)


Use expanded noun phrases on your planning sheet to help you make your sentences more interesting. (e.g. adjective + adjective + noun)


Please complete today's Grammar lesson. We are focusing on correcting punctuation within sentences. Use the PowerPoint to help you with your learning, then complete the activity sheet.

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