Design a Poster

Can you have a go at designing a poster for one of the Easter themes below. You might like to look up the Bible reference to help you with what to include.


1.     Jesus in Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane - Mark 14: 32-36

2.     Jesus betrayed by Judas and arrested - Mark 14: 43-46

3.     Jesus condemned by the Sanhedrin - Mark 14: 55-64

4.     Peter Denies Jesus - Mark 14:72

5.     Jesus Judged by Pilate- Mark 15:14-15

6.     Jesus scourged and crowned with thorns - Mark 15: 17-19

7.     Jesus carries the cross - Mark 15:20

8.     Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross - Mark 15:21

9.     Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem - Luke 23:27-31

10.  Jesus is crucified - Mark 15:24

11.  Jesus promises the kingdom to the penitent thief - Luke 23: 39-43

12.  Jesus on the cross with his mother and friend - John 19: 26-27

13.  Jesus dies on the cross - Mark 15:34-37

14.  Jesus laid in the tomb - Mark 15:46

15.  Jesus rises from the dead - Mark 16:4-8


Your poster can be a drawing, painting or collage. It can include a poem, prayer or “I wonder…” question.


Please email your entries to Mrs Gott by Friday 12th February. Mrs Gott will send your entries to the diocese team and they may choose to use your design for the community trail they are creating. We will display all of your designs on the school website.

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