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Year 5

Year 5 – 2017/18

Theme Wild Water – Trip to Coombe Abbey  Our topic this term is Wild water and during our trip to Coombe Abbey we learned lots about rivers, their features and the wildlife that live in the rivers and ponds. The children also took part in a river study and pond dipping activities.


Road Safety Visit – Kate from the Road Safety Team visited Year 5 this week. She explained the importance of Being Safe and Being Seen. The children also discussed scenarios and how they would keep themselves and their friends safe.

Greek Day – Greece Lightning  What a Greek-tastic end to our theme topic this half term! The children enjoyed taking part in Ancient Greek Olympic events, food tasting, art work and dressing up.

Year 5 learning about the Solar System in Science.

Year 5 taking part in the Sports hall athletics with Loe and Eddie.

Year 5 went to North Leamington School yesterday to learn how to play handball.  In the afternoon they took part in a tournament against four different local primary schools which they greatly enjoyed.

Design and Technology – Making Tudor Houses



Drama with Katie Kent from Campion School – The Winter’s Tale



Year 5 Children generated data to plot on a line graph in Numeracy.





Theme – Mexico and The Mayans

Mexican day – Grace in Year 5 said ” Year 5 and 6 had a Mexican day, which included: art, cooking chocolate truffles, tasting chilli, dancing the Mexican hat dance and speaking Spanish. We all had lots of fun!”

Mexican Hat Dance Year 5/6

Mexican Art         Mexican Art - The Day of the Dead

Mexican art display – Mexican art is very colourful and intricate. It contains reoccurring themes such as: eyes, suns, flowers, animals and repeated patterns.

Playing Charades on World Book Day and mimed scenarios from a favourite book.

Playing charades on World Book Day - Copy         



Beowulf display – Linked to the Anglo Saxon Theme, the epic poem, ‘Beowulf’ provided Year 5 with the opportunity to boast, write elaborate invitations to the Mead Hall, compose Kennings and recall exploits of the legendary warrior – Beowulf.


 Residential to Kingswood








Greek Dancing with Year 6




Greece Lightning – Theme Year 5 did some Greek food tasting.





African Choir at the Parish Church

On Monday, the children sang with the African Children’s Choir and had the privilege of watching them perform.  The concert was organised by Liz and Davinder from In2Cultures. It was a wonderful day and a fantastic concert and the African children were absolutely brilliant!






Year 5 2015/16

Year 5 Trip to The National Space Centre and they attended a Science lecture at Warwick University.


Science lecture        


As part of the Britain at Play theme Year 5 and Year 6 competed in a Haka competition against each other in groups.





Children in Year 5 have written survival handbooks for children in Year 4. They have shared them together so hopefully the Year 4 children will be prepared for next year!







Theme – Mexican Food Tasting



Year 5 Trip to Kingwood






Literacy – Beowulf Exhibition





Yes Minister Topic- Visit from MP Jeremy Wright from the Conservative party




 Theme – Natural Disasters




Year 5 visit to the church


Visit from the Firemen in Year 5


Science Club activities


WW1 Day Activities





Year five have been learning about fair-trade and how the choices we make when buying food and clothes and even footballs can affect the lives of people in other countries. People who grow crops like bananas, cotton, tea, coffee and cocoa for chocolate and make things like footballs and teeshirts. Fairtrade helps by paying growers and farmers a fair price and also by paying some extra money (the fair-trade premium) that they can spend on improving their community providing healthcare and schools..

What is Fairtrade?

It’s about the way people, places and produce all around the world are connected and about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Fairtrade aims to enable the poorest farmers and workers so they can improve their lives, having enough food, secure housing, access to healthcare and education for their families and the ability to make choices.

Fair Trade

Buying things with the Fairtrade mark on them is a simple way each one of us can make a difference through our everyday choices. Because it’s only fair that the people who produce what we eat, wear and use should get paid enough to live on and a chance to improve their lives. Telling other people about fair-trade can also help.

Below is a link is to a site that tells you more about fair trade and becoming a fair-trade school. I thought this year we would start small just to see if the children were interested and then decide if next year we want to do something more when we can plan more in advance. Yr 5 seemed to have fun and were great in debating how much of the price of a banana should go to the farm worker, farm owner, shipping transporter, ripener and supermarket.

Katherine Pickford Baptist Minister and Governor