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Year 4

Year 4  2017/18

Summer 1 theme ‘Crime and Punishment’ – For our theme on ‘Crime and Punishment’ we have taken part in activities, which have helped us to understand how crime scenes are investigated today. We copied our fingerprints and tried to identify them. We also looked at witness statements, to work out what we thought had happened and furthermore used these to pretend to be a police sketch artists, inorder to draw a picture of the suspect.

Spring 2 theme ‘Reign over us’ – We enjoyed using water colours to paint a King or Queen of our choice.

Science – Our Science topic this half term is Electricity. We have learned how to create circuits using different components. We have investigated varios materials, as part of a curcuit to see whether they are electrical conductors or electrical insulators.

Poetry – Year 4 enjoyed acting out their chosen poems.

World’s Kitchen – As part of our Worlds Kitchen theme, we learned about different continents, food and Fairtrade.


R.E Day – Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?

We looked at a wide range of images of Jesus. The children compared these and looked for similarities and differences. They then drew the image of Jesus that they had in their mind.  It was very interesting to see the wide range of art work produced.

Autumn 1 – RE photos year 4

We also read the miracle story ‘Jesus feeding the five thousand’. The children picked out the key events and then re-told the story. They acted it out and performed their play for the rest of the class. The children then explored why Christians are inspired by Jesus.


Programming – We have been drawing algorithms using Turtle Logo. We also tried to create our own algorithms.

Playscripts – We have written our own playscripts based on the fables we have been learning about. We enjoyed performing these to the rest of the class.

Roman Visit – We visited Rugby Art Gallery and Museum for Roman day. We learnt about everyday life in Roman Britain and also had a go at different Roman art and craft activities.


Shakespeare – The Tempest

We enjoyed our visit to Shakespear’s Birth Place for The Tempest theme.

Tomb Raiders

We had a go at mummifying each other for our Tomb Raiders theme.

Extreme Survival

We Designed and made high energy snack bars for desert survival

Theme – China

As part of our topic on China, we took part in a Chinese workshop learning the Chinese Lion dance and having a go at Chinese style art. During the topic we enjoyed making and tasting Chinese spring rolls and also making Chinese water dragons from clay.

Making Chinese Spring Roll                     




Chinese Workshop



Chinese Water Dragons made from clay.




Meet the Flinstones – topic Here are some photos from our Art and Design work from our ‘Meet the Flinstones’ topic. The photo of our display also shows our writing about ‘A day in the life of a ‘Stone Age child’.




Theme Transport – Here are a selection of photos from our topic on Transport. Year 4 visited Birmingham Airport to identify features of airports.  We also made and tested hoop gliders.






Year 4  2016 Trip to Warwick Castle






Science – Purifying Water

Amanda Poole a Science teacher came into Year 4 to conduct a Science workshop with them. She told the children that she had undertaken Astronaut training at NASA in America. The children purified water in the experiment and they really enjoyed the workshop.




Ryton Pools – Den Building









Year 4 Trip to Birmingham Airport