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Year 3

YEAR 3 – 2017/18

Exploring truth in RE

Reading the Network news in literacy

Time work in Numeracy

Creating a model of a famous landmark.

DT – Making a frame

Maths – Giving change

RE day – Belief in God

Theme – World Food  Year 3 created Art pictures in the style of Arcimboldo as part of their theme topic. They also made wraps with different food fillings.

R.E – What we believe about gods.

Telling the time in Maths and Writing extended sentences in Literacy.


Year 3 have been working on Fractions in Numeracy and have learned to place fractions on a number line. In Literacy we have reported to the class about our Fractured stories and made Roman shields and soldiers in Theme.


Year 3 Theme – Shakespeare








Year 3 Theme CHINA  –  We took part in the Chinese Dragon dance. Here is a display of our Chinese dragon art work and researching the Terracotta Army and Forbidden City in groups. We also made Chinese Water Dragons out of clay and made Chinese Spring rolls as part of their China project.




Writing prayers about Humanity to read in assembly and learning to use the grid method for multiplication.


Year 3 Writing Poetry in a variety of different styles.


Writing Non-Fiction texts about Polar Bears.



 2015/16  – Numeracy – Making different amounts with coins.


PCSO visit to Year 3 relating to Topic in Theme – Crime and Punishment.



Year 3 Trip to Ashmoelean  Museum





Theme – Launch of the Tomb Raiders







Creating Arctic Environments



Water Colours- Desert Sunsets



The Stone Age



Completed Pre-historic houses



Making Iron Age houses


Stone Age cart designing and making


Stone Age pot making



Numeracy- Children worked in pairs to create different pictures and completed challenges with the tangram pieces.



Ryton Pools trip – Den Building

Ryton Pools Y3       


Lion Dance – China





Year 3 Trip to Wagamamas  for their topic on China.

Year 3 Trip to Wagamamas for China topic        




Science – Investigating different types of rocks.




Year 3 visit to the Ford Foundry




Children in need cake sale by Year 3

Numeracy in Year 3



Estimating number's on a black number line        

Estimating numbers on a blank number line and children using Ipads in numeracy.

Using Whiteboards to solve problems.



Numeracy – Creating art in the style of Piet Mondrian to identify lines- vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines.



Year 3 Transport – Visiting Birmingham Airport.




Designing and making a model airport