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Year 2

Year 2 – 2017/18

Year 2 Programming

The children designed beebot jackets and a bee bot mat that they thought children their age would like to play with. They also generated an algorithm to move the bee bit from one landmark on their mat to another landmark. This project was greatly enjoyed by all the children.

Toys Theme

We had a teddy bears picnic and everybody brought in their favourite cuddly toy. Following this we wrote about and made art work in the style of A.A Milne. We also compared old and new toys during a toy workshopafternoon, thank you to all that donated toys for this.


Pioneers Food Tasting

We compared ‘space-ready’ foods and normal foods as part of our ‘Pioneers’ theme learning. We thought of different ways to describe each of the foods we tried and the decided which one was our favourite . We made a living pictogram to show which food was most popular across the whole class.

Bug Hunt

As part of our ‘Living things and their habitats’ science unit we went on a bug hunt.  As a class we identified four micro-habitats around school – a muddy path, underneath a stone in the forest area, long grass and on a big tree in the playground.  We used a spotter sheet to identify what we’d found and kept a tally.  Back in class we used the information we’d collected to create block graphs, Venn diagrams and an identification jey for Reception children to use to identify mini beasts.

Trip to Ryton Pools

Year 2 enjoyed a brilliant day out to Ryton Pools as part of our ‘Get out of my Swamp’ theme. The children took part in Den Building and Pond Dipping.





Natural Sculpture

As part of our theme we looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and some of the different natural sculptures he has created. We made our own artwork using natural objects found in the playground and on the field.


Famous Scientists

We have been learning about the work of famous scientists. We learned about Thomas Edison and his scientific discoveries and inventions. We even had a go at lighting up our own light bulbs by making a simple electrical circuit!


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance

We spent two fantastic afternoons taking part in a drama workshop based upon William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.


The Snowman

We watched a video clip of The Snowman. We talked about the little boy giving the snowman a scarf and hat. The children said that this was good as it would keep the snowman nice and warm. Some of the children spotted that this could be a problem and explained what would happen if the snowman was kept nice and warm! We decided to investigate whether a scarf and hat would keep a snowman warm and cause it to melt more quickly. We observed our ‘snowmen’ closely throughout the day.

Snowmen (1)          Snowmen (2)

Snowmen (3)          Snowmen (4)

Snowmen (5)          Snowmen (6)

To celebrate Valentines Day we showed our love for living things. We learned about climate change and how all living things are affected by it. We each made a green heart and wrote on it the name of something we love and want to protect from climate change. We put our hearts up on a tree at the front of the school to get everyone talking about climate change.

Show the love (1)          Show the love (2)


Theme topic – Indian Spice

In2Culture – Year 2 had a visit from In2Culture to learn about Indian Culture relating to our theme topic – Indian Spice. We learned about Bhangra dancing and how it is a celebration of Harvest time. We even learned our own Bhangra dance routine which we performed to the rest of the school during assembly!

In2Culture1          In2Culture2



Indian Banquet – We had an Indian Banquet to launch our theme ‘Indian Spice’. The children from Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed trying out lots of new and exciting Indian food which parents had very kindly donated.

Indian Banquet 1          Indian Banquet 2



Trip to Ryton Pools




DT- Design and create Victorian and modern day classrooms using junk modelling.