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Year 1 – 2017/18

Year 1 and Year 2 – Evacuee Day for Theme – World War 2

Year one and year two dressed up as Evacuees and they looked brilliant . They spent the day taking part in a variety of fun activities from baking, cmaking clay medals, planting potatoes and making an Anderson shelter.  At the end of the day the children (evacuees) lined up and waited to be chosen by an adult and we’re pleased to say they all went to lovely homes!  Thank you to all the parents for their support, we all had a wonderful day.


Measuring – The children have been using non standard units to estimate classroom objects. Their estimates were very accurate.

Bee bots – As part of our theme on toys the children designed a beebot jacket and a base for it to travel it.  They chose a fairy tale character which linked with our literacy topic. The children had to programme the bee bot from a starting position and write a set of instructions to get to the finish.

Algorithms – The children have been learning what an algorithm is. They had to make a tower of any shape using five lego bricks. They took photos using the ipad at each stepof the building to make an algorithm.  They then gave the ipad to their partner and they had to follow the photo instructions to build the tower. Their next step is to create an algorithm for the beebot to travel around a game board which they are going to design and make.

Toys- in theme we have been looking at old toys. The children looked at some fairly old toys and they sorted them according tot the material they are made from and in order of their age. The children then chose their favorite toy and did some observational drawing.

Elf shoe – In Literacy the children are learning about traditional tales. One of the stories we studied was the elf and the shoemaker. We did some drama to act out the story and the children all made a beautiful shoe out of clay. After they made their shoe they wrote a description of it.


Theme – Indian Spice – We had an exciting visit from In2Culture to learn about Indian culture. We looked at an Indian Dohl drum. We also learned about Bhangra dancing and how it is a celebration of Harvest time. We all enjoyed doing a Bhangra dance. Later we listened to a traditional Indian tale and looked at some Indian clothes too.








Science – Everyday Materials – We went for a walk around the outside of the school and looked at the different materials used to build it. After reading the story of The Little Pigs, the children got into small groups to design and build houses made from art straws, lollipop sticks and Lego bricks. They predicted that the brick houses would be the strongest! We tested each house using a hair dryer and a timer. We discussed the importance of a fair test.



In 2 Culture Indian Spice Theme Introduction 2016



School Days in Year 1

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Playing Victorian playground games





D.T Modern and Victorian classrooms






Science investigating different types of animals






Autumn Fireworks 2014






Visit from Guide dogs for the blind



Year 1 Fairy tales 2013/14




     Year 1 Stickman display