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Where did this all start?

In 1848 the vision and generosity of the Reverend Thomas Chapman,Vicar of St Nicholas Church, saw the endowment and building of a Church of England School in Radford Semele within which, over the years, thousands of children have received an education. His wife, Sarah, founded a charity which supports children at school to this day. The Old School is no more but the proceeds of its sale has financed the new buildings and additional resources which are benefiting both staff and children.

What does this all mean?

The School’s Ethos based on Christian belief is the essence of a ChurchSchool as is described in our Mission Statement below.

‘The School aims to be a welcoming community. Everyone associated with the school is treated with respect, as made in the image of God and loved by Him. As a Church School we aim to promote and affirm Christian values and are committed to the spiritual, moral , social and cultural development of all children  – preparing them for the responsibilities and experiences of life.’

This underpins the life of the school and values which are recognised, shared and lived out help to create the atmosphere of harmony and respect which can be sensed within the school environment when you visit.

To help reinforce these values a programme entitled ‘Values for Life’, recommended by the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education, has been introduced and on which Collective Worship is centred.Core Christian values can be seen displayed in the hall and these are woven within every aspect of school life.

Whilst Christian inferences are built into the life of the school it is recognised that as an ‘ecumenical nursery’ there is sensitivity to difference and to the faiths of others.

How does this happen?

The developing and strengthening relationship with St Nicholas Church is highlighted by the support given to finance resources for the ‘Values for Life‘ programme. To reinforce these ‘values’, story books and other resources were sponsored to the value of £500 by individual church members, the Parochial Church Council and Radford Rendezvous.

The ‘values’ are key to learning; helping our children to become well rounded individuals. Through the encouragement of Mrs White and the staff, children are enabled to develop their gifts and talents, to reach their potential, to face the challenges of daily life and to prepare them for future opportunities. Achievement Assemblies recognise contribution to school life and your children are praised for this as well as for individual success.

Who helps us?

Our Parish Priest, the Rev’d Martin Green, Assistant Curate the Rev’d Vikki Bisiker and The Baptist Church Minister the Rev’d Katherine Pickford regularly lead times of Collective Worship. The school celebrates in church, the major festivals of the church year and ‘Leavers Assembly’.  During this service Year 6 children are presented with the Scripture Union ‘ It’s Your Move’ books which are funded by the church. Foundation Governors join with the school for some of these occasions. The church is also used by year groups as a curriculum resource and for spiritual development.

Who do we help?

The school is a ‘Caring Community’ and the children are encouraged to think of others, to be aware of areas of need and to support charities.The School Choir entertains senior citizens groups in the village and they are also invited to Christmas productions. The school sponsored a Gnome in the village ‘Gnome Olympics’ to raise money for the Church Restoration Fund.

Further afield links with a Christian school in India, the ’ Morning Star School’, are being pursued; a founder and teacher being a former pupil and Teaching Assistant at Radford School.

The Diocesan Board of Education’s Christmas  Appeal 2012 aimed at raising funds to provide the SyrianOrthodoxChristianSchool in Bethlehem with water which is expensive and rationed. The children collected coins in water bottles, raising £100 for the Appeal.  These connections will help our pupils understand cultural differences and raise awareness of the conditions in which other children grow up.

Links with the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education. (DBE)

As a Church of England School we have the opportunity to draw on the expertise provided by the DBE and through the subscription to their Service Agreement we have access to conferences, courses and services which are aimed at maintaining and supporting our school as part of the family of church schools. The DBE protects the status of church schools and promotes educational excellence with the needs of the child at the heart of decision making.

In partnership with the DBE we are :-

  • informed of educational changes at government level .
  • provided with professional development for staff and governors .
  • continually working to effect school improvement.
  • provided with pastoral care as /when necessary.

The bigger picture.

A line from a child’s psalm, written during the Bible Day,indicates the nature of Godallowing us,if we choose,to develop within His love whilst having the freedom to venture away from it.

‘God is like a gateway letting us go from His care

Or bringing us into His love.’

If children are happy, loved,respected and able to learn within a safe, secure environment where quality education is delivered they will flourish and we hope this will be the experience of your children at our school.

Collective Worship

A daily Act of Worship is required by law, when the whole school meet together, or separately as Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. On days that classes are not scheduled for assemblies, collective worship and times of reflection take place in the classroom. 

Remembrance Gardens

We have 3 areas in our school.  Lucy and Sarah’s garden is to the rear of the school.  They were sisters and pupils at the school when they died in a tragic road accident.  In their memory a pond and wildlife garden was built.  In the Summer of 2012, we included memorial benches to Tracy Sykes, who was a parent of the school and a teaching assistant, Ian Clarke who was a pupil and Elaine Sabin, who was a teacher who died in 1997, there is also a garden in front of the admin block in memory of Elaine.  Situated by the pre-school is a garden in memory of Lil Lay who served our school for many years as employee, governor and helper. 

Further information on the Church

The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report