Newsletter 8/9/17

Talk Topic – If you could invent a new Super Hero, what special power would they have?

Newsletter 11/3/16

Talk Topic – What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?…

Values for Life

Values for Life – Generosity Each term, our assemblies are based around a ‘value’ from the value for life scheme.  At the beginning of each term, the School Council share words they believe, reflect the value with the classes in the School. These are then displayed in the hall each term.

Writing Assembly for Star writers wk- 19/5/15

Writing Assembly for star writers week – 27/4/15

Science Competition 2015

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Mrs Donnelly’s Tree

Mrs Donnelly’s Tree This is the planting of a tree to commemorate Mrs Donnelly, who taught in our school for 37 years. It was grown from a conker that was planted after a “conker collecting” outing with Phoebe Rowe, who was in Year 5 at the time and Mrs Donnelly.

Star Writers Assembly week- 9/3/15

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