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Academies April 2016

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HOLIDAYS in Term Time – Nov 15

Head Teachers Blog – Changes in Education 2104


Head Teachers Blog – Inspection

All schools welcome outside support, help and advice.  Schools cannot thrive and grow in isolation.  We all learn better through collaboration and discussing ideas, this is true in most aspects of learning. In fact this could be the topic for another blog! In the early 1990s schools in Warwickshire had a support mechanism in the form of a school link inspector.  Inspectors were allocated
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Head Teachers Blog – The Old School

This does seem an issue from a long time ago and some of you may remember the controversy associated with it.  The reason for opening it up again is that during last summer we spent the last of the money from the sale and we have mentioned along the way in newsletters, what we have spent some of the money on.  But this is
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